Pretty Fly Paper was created because we think everyone deserves to have stationery that reflects who they are. Whether your budget is big or small, we are confident that we can create a design that matches your aesthetic.

We also believe that when you receive your custom stationery, it should be as close to ready-to-send as possible! This means that we will never send you glue dots to assemble everything yourself. You won’t need to do research to find the best double-sided tape. We take care of everything except the postage! The only thing you might have to do is some envelope stuffing.

I hope you enjoy this paper as much as I do. Truly, I love all the different things that can be done with it, and I'm passionate about designing for the client. Down with cookie cutter stationery design!

P.S. - A lot of the photographs of my work were taken by photographer Sara Ballenger. She shoots weddings and events! Check out her website here.