Local Tips


Fave Spots



Mass Ave
Bazbeaux - Local pizza joint known for thin crust and a wide variety of toppings.
MacNiven’s - Scottish pub, best Scotch eggs in the city!
Garden Table - Great brunch, awesome fresh juices, and the only place where you can get skhug sauce.
Fat Dan’s - Chicago-style deli with great burgers.
Goodfellas - New York style pizza (or as close as you’ll get out here), plus black-and-whites.
Salt - Seafood. We don’t go here, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.
Condado - Taco joint where the sky is the limit.
Livery - Latin-inspired cuisine, great cocktails, empanadas for daaayyys.
Bru - Bougie burgers with amazing fries (try the black pepper mayo).
Thaitanium - We avoided this place for a long time because of the pun, but it’s decent.
Mass Ave Pub - Hole in the wall. The woman who owns this place is married to the guy who owns MacNiven’s, and they share the french fry recipe. Great value.
Coat Check Coffee - Everything here is good. The golden milk is great.

Broad Ripple
Broad Ripple and Mass Ave share many restaurants, namely Bazbeaux, Garden Table, Fat Dan’s, Goodfellas, and Condado.
Brugge - Belgian fare with plenty of pommes frites.
Petite Chou - Brunchbrunchbrunch.
Bagel Deli - They aren’t NY bagels but the menu is HUGE and you have to unhinge your jaw like a snake to eat them. Worth it.
India Garden - There are a couple of Indian restaurant in Broad Ripple. This one is better.
Moe & Johnny’s - This place tries to be three types of venues in one and serves a wide variety of food. It’s not great, but it’s where Cam and Sarah first met, so definitely worth a peep.
The Aristocrat - This is where Cam and Sarah had their first date. If you’re lucky (like they were), you may just hear some pirate tunes.
SoBro Cafe - Eclectic food for all, including vegans.
La Mulita - Funky tacos.
Diavola - Italian food.
Broad Ripple Brew Pub - English-style pub with bonus dartboards and plenty of vegan fare in addition to the usual selections for omnivores.
Sinking Ship - Dive bar known for metal music, but the patio allows cute dogs. Food for everyone!


Mass Ave
Silver in the City - Independently-owned shop with quirky goods for the sarcastic soul.
Global Gifts - Fair trade goods from all over the world, working to empower people in struggling communities.
Stouts - Higher-end but practical shoe store with a parrot-in-residence.
Modern Homespun - Handmade goods from all over the US.
Indy Reads - Secondhand bookstore operating as a non-profit to promote literacy programs in Indy.
Crimson Tate - If you like to sew or have an affinity for funky fabric, this is the spot.
Pumkinfish - Sort of like Silver in the City, but less corporate-y.

Broad Ripple
Luna Music - Great record store.
Indy CD & Vinyl - Another great record store.
Broad Ripple Vintage - Exactly what it sounds like. If you want to listen to The Doors while trying on funky sunglasses, go here.
Cartabella - Italy native Ghega Scolari runs this shop, and her paper is high quality and classic, yet modern. The shop has other tchotchkes as well.
Bungalow - Funky housewares and jewelry, good for sarcastic types who like a little elegance.
Shop Tibet - Gorgeous Tibetan goods.



Things to Do

Half Baked Pottery - Pick out a blank piece of pottery and paint it! You will have to wait a week for them to finish it in the kiln, but we can pick up your piece and send it to you if you want to do this.
Penn & Beech - Make your own candle!
Kingmakers - A board game cafe for novices to seasoned players with a decent board game library and some local snacks.
Escape rooms - Get locked in a room for an hour and solve puzzles to get out. We recommend The Escape Room on Meridian Street.
Art Bank - Take in some local art.
Slippery Noodle Inn - Live blues music, every night.
The Chatterbox - Live jazz music, every night.
Newfields - Take in some art (Georgia O’Keefe and Norman Rockwell are here, as well as the “Mobius Ship”) and wander around 100 Acre Woods for some outdoor exhibitions.

For up-to-date happenings at various venues, check out Do317.