The Cast


The Wedding Party


Sarah (According to Cam)

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Cam (According to Sarah)

Cam is a kind, loving, unexpectedly hilarious guy with endless amounts of patience. He is a lover of books, and the topics range from lighthearted to philosophical. Flannel isn’t just a style, it’s a way of life, and it goes well with his many guitars. Best dog-dad, best uncle, best brother, best son, best overall dude.


BC Nelson

BC and Sarah have been friends since high school, where they were in marching band together. They remained friends through college, lost touch for a bit, and then via a chance run-in, realized they lived in the same city again and have hung out relatively regularly since. BC is a social butterfly, which is a good balance for Sarah’s introverted tendencies. BC is always around for a jam session, some sage wisdom, or to take photos of people eating pizza.

Mitchell Scott

Sarah and Mitchell met through BC and his girlfriend, Julia. They bonded over a love of linguistics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, all the -ologies really. They often have lengthy discussions about life that evolve into philosophical debates about religion, capitalism, mental health, and culture, and Mitchell has an unmatched ability to offer new perspectives on any issue under the sun.